Yelp Review: Whiting LASIK Clinic

I came to get my vision corrected… …I left with so much more. Overall, I was very pleased with my experience. I just wish I were¬†better prepared for the great responsibilities that came with becoming a superhero. Let me explain: 9/22/14 Today was my initial free consultation. The staff was very helpful and answered all […]

The Hansen Family Annual Christmas Letter 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone from the Hansen family. I realized that no one in my family had (to my knowledge) written our annual Christmas letter, so I decided to take it upon myself to update everyone on the goings-on on all things “Hansen.” Let’s start with my parents. 2013 began with […]

I Am a Joy to Fly With

Flying is not fun for me. It is the ultimate exercise in keeping my mind occupied with happy thoughts, while desperately trying not stab the passenger in the seat next to me. Some flights are more difficult than others. I was recently on a late evening flight. It was for work, so I didn’t get […]

Hang in There, Home Depot Project Guy

Take a moment to check out this commercial for The Home Depot: The Home Depot has granted us a 30-second window into this poor guy’s sad, pathetic life. He is clearly married to a complete bitch. This isn’t a commercial about how easy it is to start your garden. It’s a cry for help for […]

Airplanes, and That Hot Chick That Never Sits by You

Travelling to a destination via aircraft is never the treat it once was decades ago. The seats are small and cramped and you inevitably sit next to the most sorry excuse for a human being imaginable. But alas, there is always hope, because out of the two-hundred-or-so passengers on this flight, there is always one […]