Dream Sequence #2

July 11, 2009

Last night I had a dream I was back in my junior high school (Wayzata East Junior High School). I was the age I am now and was there for some non-educational purpose that I don’t remember. I went to my 7th grade history classroom and when I got there, former WWE superstar Kurt Angle was there. He was the “instructor” for whatever this thing was and he was talking to another person his age and his size. I remember walking in, seeing him, and thinking, “oh, there he is.” as if I was looking for him. I stood beside him, waiting to speak with him, but he kept ignoring me. I tried to get his attention but he would just glance over, then continue listening to what the other guy was saying. Frustrated, I went and sat down at a desk. Then I woke up.

Pretty uneventful, but strange nonetheless.

Published by TV's John Hansen

I love power metal. I like writing and telling stories. I like trying to make people laugh. I like making myself laugh more. I like pizza too. I also like writing stories about making pizza laugh.

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