Dream Sequence #82

February 17, 2015

This is what pizza looks like.
This is what pizza looks like.

I am on the set of a TV series working as an Audio Technician. It is a multi-day shoot and I feel like I have been going above and beyond to impress the clients. On the second to the last day, the producers call for our attention during lunch and announce that tomorrow (the last day) we are going to be having a pizza party. PLUS, they mention that they have been noticing that the entire crew has been working very hard and that one person in particular has gone above-and-beyond their duties to make this shoot successful. Because of this, the producers will award one person a $5,000 bonus after the shoot tomorrow.

All I could think about was how delicious that pizza was going to taste.

Published by TV's John Hansen

I love power metal. I like writing and telling stories. I like trying to make people laugh. I like making myself laugh more. I like pizza too. I also like writing stories about making pizza laugh.

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