Dream Sequence #10b

August 22, 2009

This is dream #2 of 2 that I remembered on this night.

I was revisiting my junior high school to see how things have changed. I walked in the same door I walked in for nearly three years at Wayzata East Junior High School by the seventh grade locker bank. I then walked down the stairs toward the ninth grade locker bank. This was the first change I noticed. The stairs were changed and it was a steeper incline. (Sounds like something a school district would waste money on, no?)

While downstairs, I bumped into this super hot woman who had shorter brown hair and was wearing glasses. She went to school with me and recognized me so she ran up to talk to me. She told me that she now teaches science class at this school.

She led me into her office so we could catch up and one thing led to another and we started making out and fooling around. As we were caressing each other she moaned, leaned in closer, and whispered the one thing every guy loves to hear:

“I’ve killed half my family.”

Does she know how to set the mood, or what?

I remember stopping for a brief second while I stared at her in shock. But she was much too hot to stop what we were doing so I could ask her where the hell that comment came from. So I just ignored her comment and tried to continue, but alas, I woke up before we got any further.

Dream Sequence #10a

August 22, 2009

I had two dreams that I remembered on this night. This is dream #1 of 2. In this dream, I am on the way to the airport with my dad, brother Kevin, and sister Katrina. We are riding in a monorail very similar to the kind used at Orlando’s airport. While on the way to the terminal (which actually traveled through a city, instead of just being on airport grounds like Orlando’s), I saw a Michael’s building that had been decimated by a plane that had crashed. The plane was pretty much in tact, minus the top of the plane. It was all charred black and emergency personnel were still on the scene. I remember being scared that my mom was on that plane, but for some reason I soon got the feeling that she wasn’t.

There’s really not much to this dream other than being thankful that it was just a dream when I woke up.


According to Dreammoods.com, to dream that a plane crashes, suggests that you have set overly high and unrealistic goals for yourself. Your goals may be too high and are impossible to realize. You are in danger of having it come crashing down. Alternatively, your lack of confidence, self-defeating attitude and self-doubt toward the goals you have set for yourself is represented by the crashing airplane; you do not believe in your ability to attain those goals. Loss of power and uncertainty in achieving your goals are also signified.

However, they also suggest that seeing a plane crash (or in my case, a plane that has already crashed) suggests that I had previously been suffering from self-doubt or a lack of self-confidence.

Allergies or Crystal Meth?

My name is John Hansen. And I have allergies.

For the better part of the past decade, I have been on a never ending search to find allergy medication that actually works. Whether the company stops manufacturing the drug, insurance stops covering it, or it just plain doesn’t work; finding a consistent source of allergy medication has been a “work in progress” at best.

When the place I work for changed insurance companies in July of this year, I found out the hard way that my current allergy medication is not covered under my new plan. When I called my doctor’s office, the nurse suggested I try Zyrtec D as an over the counter alternative. Having no choice in the matter, I headed off to Target to pick some up.

I walked up to the pharmacy and said, “I’ll have one of those Zyrtec D’s over there, please.” The pharmacist’s non-verbal response could best be described as “restrained hesitation.”

Why is this? Apparently, the sudafed found in Zyrtec D is a crucial ingredient in making Crystal Meth. Okay – I realize this is a big problem in the United States, seeing how it’s relatively easy to make and all of the ingredients are legal. But – now stay with me, because this may in fact blow your mind – is it POSSIBLE that people are ACTUALLY buying over the counter medication to use it for it’s intended purpose?

I’ll give you a moment to digest this.

So yes, all I’m asking for is maybe the pharmacist could open her mind to the POSSIBILITY that I want Zyrtec D solely for my allergies and not for any other illegal purpose. It’s a hard concept to grasp but if I could have my next trip to the Target pharmacy be without dirty looks, that would be fantastic. Because I am John Hansen, and I have allergies.

Dream Sequence #9

August 14, 2009

I had a dream I was going out to eat alone. When I got to this unknown seafood restaurant, I had a little trouble finding a table… or more specifically a “chair” since everyone kind of ate at these big long tables.

I was just about to order when an announcement came on the PA that President Reagan was coming to eat there. I got nervous since I had a gun on me. I tried to leave, but they wouldn’t let anyone leave. So I just stood by the door and waited.

Just then the Secret Service opened the doors and a limo pulled up. Out comes President Reagan with jet black hair. He stops to shake people’s hands and ends up coming over to shake my hand. He asked me how I was doing and I told him that I was “a little nervous since I have a gun in the back of my pants.” The former President then responded by offering me a job as he walked away.

“Do you want my business card?,” I asked.
“No, that won’t be necessary.” former President Reagan said.
“But how will you find me?,” I inquired.

The former President and all his Secret Service detail started laughing uncontrollably and when the laughing died down a little Reagan said, “Don’t worry, kid. We can find anyone.”

Then he went about his business and I left the restaurant to go home and wait by the phone.

Dream Sequence #8

August 12, 2009

In this dream, I was back in school. It was either high school or college, but the building was very much like a Little House on the Prairie-type school. I was in some sort of math class when a new student transferred into class. The first thing she said was how this class was going to be super easy for her, since she studied “Level 5 Calculus” at her last school. (Is there even such a thing?) After hearing this, I turned to the girl next to me and said, “Oh, that Asian chick is gonna be pissed.”

Just then the tornado sirens sounded and everyone started running. They ran out of the building and stood across the street (like a fire drill) as the building was torn to shreds. As soon as the tornado passed, I ran back to the building to make sure everyone got out okay. I could not even recognize the school anymore as it was now a concrete slab.

I then looked behind me to see a portion of a wall still standing. For whatever reason, I decided to take a grill lighter and set the wood on fire – so nothing else would happen to it. (Yes, this was my reasoning.) When the wood started on fire, I realized that I had nothing to put the fire out. As it quickly started spreading, I grabbed a cup of water and splashed it up on the fire, but the water only angered the fire more.

I somewhat-frantically started looking for something to douse the fire, and eventually settled on a sponge-mop. I got it wet and “mopped” the wood to get the fire out.

I woke up before I got to see if it worked or not.