Dream Sequence #2

July 11, 2009

Last night I had a dream I was back in my junior high school (Wayzata East Junior High School). I was the age I am now and was there for some non-educational purpose that I don’t remember. I went to my 7th grade history classroom and when I got there, former WWE superstar Kurt Angle was there. He was the “instructor” for whatever this thing was and he was talking to another person his age and his size. I remember walking in, seeing him, and thinking, “oh, there he is.” as if I was looking for him. I stood beside him, waiting to speak with him, but he kept ignoring me. I tried to get his attention but he would just glance over, then continue listening to what the other guy was saying. Frustrated, I went and sat down at a desk. Then I woke up.

Pretty uneventful, but strange nonetheless.

Dream Sequence #1

July 10, 2009

I had a dream last night that I was some sort of genetically-altered scientific experiment. I was one of the test subjects, but I could also remember “experiencing” being parts of previous failed experiments. (Think Alice in the second Resident Evil movie.) Each time a version of me failed, they would improve on the test subject, and experiment with it some more.

The tests involve me escaping, being chased by, and/or subduing groups of people trying to kill me. “Subduing” being the keyword, as I was just defending myself and was not killing anyone I encountered. I engaged them in hand-to-hand combat just enough to make them stop chasing me, and then I ran away.

I was in this tall abandoned building and I kept racing up stairs and over obstacles. Once the current version of me reached the top, some guy was waiting for me and I was ordered to kill this person. I believe I was ordered to kill this person through subconscious thought. I don’t know who this person was, as they were dressed in all black, and even wore some sort of face-blocking helmet. When I refused to kill this person, I could sense that whomever was running the experiment had lost all control of me. There was a mad scramble to bring me back – dead if necessary.

I somehow teleported out of the top of the building and instantaneously appeared on the street below outside the building. As I was making my final push to escape, I inexplicably shoved my hand into this broken box and ended up getting stung by a large bee. When I tried to remove the bee from my left hand, it stung my right hand and arm multiple times. This is when I woke up.


According to Dream Moods, a beehive [which may have been the “empty box”] in your dream denotes that there are many opportunities for you to get ahead in life and to not let them escape from your grasp. It symbolizes hard work and the importance of teamwork. To see an empty beehive, signifies sorrow over love affairs and loss in income. To dream that you are stung by a bee, indicates that you have been wronged.

I Miss You

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. I wish you were here. I really could use you right now. I miss you so much, buddy. I can’t wait until I can see you again.

I am sorry I couldn’t take you with me like I promised I would.
I am sorry I wasn’t there for you as much as I wanted.
I am sorry I abandoned you.
I am sorry I wasn’t there on your last day.
I am sorry I wasn’t there when you died.

I love you, Copper. I’ll never forget how much better you made my life.
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I was pouring my Golden Grahams cereal this morning and I thought of Copper. Anytime I would pour any cereal into my bowl, he would come running by me waiting for a hand-out. Golden Grahams were his favorite. He would be so nice about it too. He’d come over by you and quietly sit until you gave him one. If you didn’t, he’d put his paw on your leg. If you still refused, he’d stand up and put his head on your lap. If you still refused – you had no heart. EVERYONE was a sucker for at least one of these patient little begs of his.

This got me to thinking of other foods he loved. He LOVED bread. Any type of bread – bread, toast, bread crust, breadsticks – whatever. He was a little less patient begging for the bread though! He must have REALLY liked that. I think his favorite was either crust from a piece of toast, or these bread-sweet roll-coffee cake-type thing from Sam’s Club. The sound of that plastic box opening drove him wild. He could hear that from any room in the house and would come running over for a piece – even if he was in the middle of the nap.

I miss you buddy!

R.I.P. Copper

My dog, Copper had to be put to sleep early on Tuesday morning. He quickly developed cancer-like symptoms and the decision was made to end his suffering.

Copper was my high school graduation gift from my parents in 1997. He was such a silly dog. He must have had a foot fetish, since he would constantly steal socks, shoes, and slippers. He had an unbelievable sense of smell when it came to socks. If there was a pile of laundry (clean or dirty), he would often sift through the clothes just to find the socks. He never did anything with the socks or shoes, like chew them up. He just did it so you would chase him around the house. And if he happened to sneak a sock without you knowing it, he would prance over to you and stare at you with his tail wagging at a slow, yet methodical pace – as if he were saying, “nah, nah, nah, nah, nah! I have your socks!” That dog was a hoot.

Another uniqueness that was Copper, was how he VERY rarely lifted his leg to pee. He would just squat – which made my grandma suspect that he was gay.

Copper. You will be missed. I’ll see ya in Heaven, buddy.

God – please take care of my dog. If you’re missing your socks, Copper has them.

Rest in peace, Copper.
(April 24, 1997 – March 4, 2008)